Welcome to Dropt

Dropt is a block drop replacement mod that allows defining complex drop conditions and replacement rules with JSON, ZenScript, or the DroptAPI.



  • uses rule caching per block state to significantly improve performance

Matches based on:

  • block (meta, meta wildcard, multiple meta values) (whitelist/blacklist)
  • items dropped (meta, meta wildcard, multiple meta values, oredict) (whitelist/blacklist)
  • harvester type (player, non-player, any)
  • harvester held item (meta, meta wildcard) (whitelist/blacklist)
  • harvester game stages (requires gamestages mod)
  • harvester player name
  • biome (whitelist/blacklist)
  • dimension (whitelist/blacklist)
  • vertical range

Replacement strategies:

  • add to existing drops
  • replace all drops
  • replace all drops if drop selected
  • replace all matched dropped items (replace items defined in match)
  • replace all matched dropped items if drop selected (replace items defined in match)

Drop strategies:

  • repeat (can select the same drop more than once)
  • unique (can select a drop only once)

Drop selection count based on:

  • fixed value
  • random value in defined range
  • fortune modified

Drop selection based on:

  • fortune modified weight value
  • minimum fortune level
  • silk touch requirement (required, excluded, any)

Drop quantity based on:

  • fixed value
  • random value in defined range
  • fortune modified


  • can define drop list per drop
  • can define drops with meta wildcard
  • can define drops as oredict entry
  • can define xp to drop (fortune modified range)
  • can define drops with NBT data

Supported Versions

  • Features and bugfixes:
    • Minecraft 1.12.2